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Termite is one of the dangerous destroyers which can be seen in houses and also in the constructions places. The termites are also called as �White Ants�, there are many species of structural infesting termites and each one has developed effective ways to get at and attack the wood, killing and preventing these termite attacks is vital if you want to avoid the damages these termites cause. In a young colony the king and queen is the actively reproducing termite in the colony, their only function is the production of eggs.

These tiny termite eggs are almost transparent and during the incubation period the eggs is groomed and tended by workers and the lava hatches from the egg and is about the same size. This termite is the one which forages from the nest to the wood supply and returns with food for the colony. The soldier termite is called the defender of the colony and develops a long armored head and mandibles capable of cutting any type of ants attacking these. Once the soldier gets wild it makes a sound and bangs its head against the side of the tunnel walls.
When this nymph reaches the maturity and when it becomes swarmers i.e. king and queen they will all leave the colony about same time. The swamers are very poor and slow flier and most of them flutter and falls to the ground after flying only a few yards. After flying a short distance the swarmer drops their wings and the male begins in search of partner for compatible mates, as the swamers are slow in flying it will exposed as prey for lizards, birds and other insects and this very few will try and survive to establish a new colony.
The termites don�t actually live in the towering structure, but have their nests about a meter or so beneath the ground. The mounds are built to assist with the ventilation of the subterranean nests and to maintain and regulate the temperature needed to keep the termite alive. The mounds are in a constant state of repair and adaptation to keep up with the needs of the colony. It also burrows tiny mud tunnels to a source of wood. When termite colonies lose their food supply to developers, they seek out new food source usually wood from newly built homes on the site. All homes have a wood frame so no matter how the wood is separated from the soil, termites can work their way to it from the ground underneath. It can destroy entire house in about 2-3 years.