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We have carried out a systematic study of rat and effective management service against all kinds of rodent�s safety and scheduled on requirement basis. Baiting is an effective way of controlling rats and mice, we use special anti-coagulant rodenticides mixed with bait materials that is very attractive to the rodents, glue pads, and bait station and mechanical traps are used to control the rats. Rats make their habits outside in the ground by making burrows and are controlled by burrow fumigation by inserting tablets of phosphate gas.

Most people fear snakes and don�t want to even look at them, still they are fascinating reptiles in different colors lengths. Snakes are the most dangerous reptile guests to our living places which are of lethal threat to human life. They are most common in the residential areas where ornamental plants are densely planted for the noble cause combating environmental pollutions and adding aesthetic value. To avoid the problem of snakes many people who are fond of plants have removed the plants from their places. Instead of killing the snakes we provide preventive repellent treatments to avoid invasion of snakes to our property by using Carbolic acid and other chemicals. Phosphate gas can also be used at adverse situations to kill the snakes which are inhabited in the termite hills.